Legacy donation campaign

Legacy donation campaign for Amref Flying Doctors

How do you find donors who wish to donate part of their legacy to your charity? A well thought-out campaign lets you first determine the best way to approach your donors about the possibility to include your organisation in their will. You can then tailor further communications to this. Together with Amref Flying Doctors, we developed the legacy donation campaign to this end, consisting of a number of steps and tools.

Since 2005 we have been working intensively with Amref Flying Doctors to help them expand their donor database through direct mail, telemarketing and online communications – and with success. In 15 years’ time, Amref Flying Doctors had grown to over 110,000 donors. This provided a huge amount of valuable data that could also be used effectively for the legacy donation campaign and enabled us to develop a campaign together with Amref Flying Doctors that gave donors the possibility to leave something meaningful to Amref Flying Doctors.

This campaign involved donors in the Amref Flying Doctors vision (both present and future), informed them about the necessity and importance of legacy donations and explained the various possibilities to include Amref Flying Doctors in their will.


The selected donors were first send a direct mail comprising a long copy letter and questionnaire. Donors that returned the completed questionnaire could indicate how they wished to receive further information. For example, would they like to be called or be sent the legacy brochure? Donors who did not return the questionnaire were called and asked about their thoughts on an inheritance donation to Amref Flying Doctors. Those who showed in interest in this possibility were sent a brochure.

Legacy brochure

The legacy brochure ‘A legacy donation for a strong and healthy Africa’ that we developed together with Amref Flying Doctors is intended to inspire such a generous gesture.

Nalatenschapscampagne Amref Flying Doctors brochure Nalatenschapscampagne Amref Flying Doctors brochure open

Legacy brochure 

Inheritance document

An inheritance document has also been developed for donors who have taken the next step in their consideration of a legacy donation. In this personal inheritance document, intended as a tool, the donor can describe and stipulate what they would like to have done with their belongings and assets after they pass away. The donor can also include various kinds of practical information for surviving relatives, such as funeral wishes and important names and addresses.

Inheritance document

Invitation to special donor event

Donors who had already shown an interest in a legacy donation received an invitation to an inspiring and informative event. The goal of the event was not only to tell them more about the work done by Amref Flying Doctors, but also to create an opportunity for the Legacy Donation Relationship Manager and other colleagues from Amref Flying Doctors to interact with the donors.




 Admission ticket to special donor event

Amref Flying Doctors
for a healthy and strong Africa

Visit the Amref Flying Doctors website.

Download the legacy brochure

Legacy whitepaper

Four steps to a legacy donation

Download the brochure and:

  • Gain more insight into your future income from a legacy donation
  • Improve the results of your legacy donation activities
  • Enrich, simplify or fine-tune your current legacy donation programme
  • Enter your details and discover the four steps to a legacy donation!

Leave your details and discover the four steps to a legacy donation.

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