Website Optimization Audit for Animals Asia

We examined the current website of Animals Asia in a structured way to determine the strengths and weaknesses from a fundraising perspective, and define opportunities for improvement. We combine data-driven analysis with experience based best practice and theory to gain insights and recommendations from different angles.

Theoretical frameworks

Persuasion architecture

There are four decision-making persona archetypes who each surf, choose and click in their own way.
These complement the supporter personas – each decision-making persona is represented within each of the supporter personas.
It’s important to address each decision-making persona on a web page or other online medium.
It can be used as a paradigm for evaluating or structuring a webpage, email etc. It is recommended to present a message not only from your own perspective, but to empathize with the reader as well.

Overall impressions, conclusions and recommendations


  • You can see that the website has been put together by smart marketeers. The fundraising fundamentals are there
  • Donation and petition pages meet all the optimization standards
  • CTAs are in place where needed
  • Clean and strong logo

Opportunities for improvement

  • The website feels a bit dated. A new modern template will certainly improve the image of AA as a modern organization that you want to be part of
  • A modern template gives the opportunity to show bigger compelling images and videos
  • Some pages from the left-side menu do not allow you to navigate intuitively through the website
  • Color scheme: think of another way to distinguish the categories and use one action color.
  • Improve SEO to drive more organic traffic to the website

Effort impact matrix

High impact -low effort

Website-optimalisatie audit voor Animals Asia

  • Homepage makeover with larger images and better mobile layout
  • Re-write of “Our Work” pages
  • Make sure people stay on your website longer by offering the right call to action at the right time to the right people. Give users more direction and add more CTA’s on strategically selected locations. Increase engagement (time on site and number of pages visited).

High impact -high effort

  • New website design

Low impact -low effort

  • All small recommendations

Audit content

Analytics review

  • Analytics basics
  • Mobile use
  • SEO
  • Speed
  • Visitor engagement analysis

Key page reviews

  • Most visited pages
  • Homepage
  • Our work pages
  • Other pages

Some important conclusions and recommendations

Usability and SEO recommendations

  • Improve SEO score of important pages.
  • Check meta description of the important/relevant pages to improve CTR
  • Add a ‘tag line’ or mission to the Meta description
  • Make sure people stay on your website by offering the right call to action at the right time to the right person.
  • Add links to donation page
  • Add links to a personal animal story
  • A/B test with different images on petition pages to increase petition conversion
  • Add a mission statement, proof of success
  • Bring hierarchy to menu items
  • Standard rule is to use one action color and two supporting colors

About Animals Asia Website-optimalisatie audit voor Animals Asia

Animals Asia is devoted to ending bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals across Asia. They promote compassion and respect for all animals and work to bring about long-term change.

Visit the website of Animals Asia for more information.

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