Christmas Mailing Eye Care Foundation

Your Christmas gift is their only chance for better (forward) vision!

Eye Care Foundation created this campaign in the weeks before Christmas to ask for extra attention and donations for the poorest eye patients in developing countries. The revenue from this Christmas direct mail was almost 30% higher than expected.

Eye care for the world’s poorest

Corona and natural disasters have put enormous pressure on eye care in Nepal, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Life there has become very difficult. Especially for the poorest in society. Harvests have been destroyed, roads and bridges have collapsed or been washed away, factories and building sites are at a standstill. Increasingly more eye patients are desperately waiting until they can visit a hospital or eye camp again, so that they can undergo a safe operation for conditions such as cataracts. Right now they are unable to help their families deal with the heavy economic fallout. That’s the reason behind this Christmas campaign.

Which gift will you be giving this Christmas?

A direct mail and email campaign was used to ask donors for a Christmas gift to pay for cataract operations, extra (protective) equipment and staff for eye camps.
The message? Help us to make the high level of eye care that we have created with your generous support in recent years accessible to everyone.

The Christmas direct mail consisted of a letter, envelope, leaflet and newsletter.

The Result

The revenue from this direct mail was almost 30% higher than expected.

Eye Care Foundation 

In developing countries, blindness leads to enormous economic and social problems. Often blind people can no longer work and become dependent on family members and friends. The Eye Care Foundation endeavors to prevent and cure unnecessary blindness and impaired vision in developing countries.

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