Ongoing digital programme for the Belgian Childhood Cancer Charity

Ongoing digital programme for the Belgian Childhood Cancer Charity

When you visit the site of the Belgian Childhood Cancer Charity (Belgisch Kinder Kanker Steunfonds or “BKKS”), you can’t help but be touched by all the warm and personal stories. If you read an extract from a parent’s diary, you will feel moved by the love and suffering felt by a family whose child is afflicted with cancer. This will give you an insight into how the charity supports and inspires children and nurses. When they called on Mindwize for a fundraising campaign, we decided to stick with this personal and warm approach.

Developing concepts together

The charity’s revenues have fallen due to COVID-19. They were looking for a systematic way of fundraising with predictable revenues. Mindwize helps organisations build up a sound basis of regular, monthly donors. We started with a guided brainstorming session. Together, we came up with 3 digital lead concepts for the main charitable causes at BKKS that we will be testing online. We created a personal donor journey for supporters who showed their involvement with the cause online. They received a real-time email thanking them for their involvement. After this, trained ambassadors from Socialcall, our call centre for good causes, phoned the supporters to thank them once again for their involvement and to ask them whether they would be prepared to help a little more by making a monthly gift to the Belgian Childhood Cancer Charity.

Our aim: to take the worry off their shoulders

We added a lovely, personal touch to all aspects of the communication for this fundraising campaign. We are building a community with our ongoing digital programme. Mindwize sends a newsletter to the online community each month. This lets us maintain contact and it creates an involved community. BKKS no longer needs to put its energy into fundraising now that we have taken this over.

Aim of the campaign

In total, 200 monthly donors in 2021.
Systematic monthly revenue and a large community/supporter base.

Resources used

  • Email
  • Donor journey with warm-hearted emails
  • Facebook ads
  • Telemarketing


We built up the online community and bolstered it with 5,000 people who can be approached via email. The number of Facebook followers has grown enormously. The campaign was seen online by a quarter of a million people and achieved over one million views.

The new online community and the newsletter meant there were even more benefits. The supporter base seems to be extremely involved. For instance, after an email newsletter was sent out, there were numerous requests for collection boxes that supporters can put in their shops to provide extra support to BKKS and increase its visibility in the local area.

Plans for 2022

We are going to devise new lead concepts and develop these. Our aim is to grow the community even further, get many more monthly donors, and have a lovely, warm-hearted and successful long-term relationship.

About the Belgian Childhood Cancer Charity and Mindwize

Doorlopend digitaal programma voor het Belgisch Kinder Kanker Steunfonds - Margaux

We worked together before in 2018 and created a wonderful campaign.

This was an online campaign in which you could send a postcard to Margaux, a child with cancer.

In 2021, we decided to work together systematically, and this was a great success!

Charity makes wishes and dreams come true

Digitaal programma voor het Belgisch Kinder Kanker Steunfonds - logo

BKKS is a small organisation that is run by volunteers with their hearts in the right place. ❤ BKKS realises children’s dreams and wishes and gets entire families involved, not only the sick child. Brothers, sisters and parents are not forgotten either on this special day.

The charity regularly visits hospitals where they give all of the children treats such as toys, and/or donate equipment to the ward. They also think about the nursing staff and bring them a tasty, small gift. After all, the nursing staff care for these children with lots of love and dedication, day in and day out.

Families can get into financial difficulties after a long-term sickness like cancer. BKKS provides these families with financial support to help them get through this difficult period and to remove financial worries and stress. BKKS is able to make this possible thanks to the “Friends of BKKS”.

For more information, visit:

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