Newsletter mailing for Mercy Ships Sweden – for more loyal donors

We have been producing newsletter mailings for Mercy Ships Sweden for 5 consecutive years. This mailing is a fixed part of the fundraising strategy and we send these out twice a year.

Aim of the newsletter mailing

The newsletter mailing enables Mercy Ships to engage donors more and to tell them the impact of their donations. For example, donors get to know more about how an operation went.

Contents of mailpack

The mailing consists of a letter, newsletter, and leaflet. We repeat the request for donations in the newsletter. The donor also receives a set of 3 cards.

The newsletter

The newsletter contains a testimonial from a Swedish volunteer, we hear from a doctor, and there are before and after photos of patients to illustrate the impact of donations. There is also an article about the option of leaving something to the foundation in your will.

Follow-up calls to donors

The mailing was followed up by a telemarketing campaign. We worked on this together with Swedish telemarketing agency Becksmo.

About Mercy Ships

Logo Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships makes surgical care accessible to the poorest of the poor. With the largest hospital ship in the world, through the efforts of professional volunteers, and thanks to the involvement of thousands of people.

View the Mercy Ships Sweden website.
View the Mercy Ships Netherlands website.

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