Test online lead generation for Mercy Ships Sweden

How to attract valuable new donors online?

 Mindwize’s 2-step strategy:

  1. Grow your online community. Grow your base of e-mail subscribers and telephone leads.
  2. Telephone and online conversion: Turn them into valuable donors through meaningful conversations.

We applied this 2-step strategy for Mercy Ships in Sweden.

Successful test for Mercy Ships Sweden

Objective: to generate leads, recruit new donors, test and learn what sort of proposition resonates best with Mercy Ships prospect donors in Sweden.

We started with a proposition workshop. A great many ideas immerged. Out of these we chose the 4 best ideas for the test campaign.

We developed the 4 best ideas into 4 clear propositions:

  1. Sign a petition calling on states to fulfil every child’s right to healthcare.
  2. Send a message of thanks to a surgeon saving lives on the ground in Benin.
  3. Tell disabled children who are hidden from society “I see you”.
  4. Join the call for greater access to healthcare.

2 examples of proposition 3:

Different target groups

The four campaigns were aimed at a range of 8 different target groups. For example people:

  • Who had previously visited the Facebook page for Mercy Ships or their website
  • With an interest in charitable causes
  • Who fit the profile of donors and were Facebook fans of Mercy Ships

We also developed different advertisements for each campaign to see which photos or copy worked best.

Clear winner!

We scheduled two weeks to test the 4 propositions. Immediately, we had a clear winner. The budget was divided in half and we extended the test period by a week to make sure this was the best idea. This ensures Facebook is more conciencious in the selection of who sees the advertisement and resulting in cheaper and better qualified leads.


Proposition 1 was the clear winner. We utilised the Facebook form that automatically enters the subjects details ensuring we had a phone number. This way we could telephone at least 95% of the people. In addition, proposition 1 also had the lowest costs per phone lead. Often the cost per phone lead is higher than the cost per signature/response because only 40%, or less, opt in.

Follow up

The monthly giving “pledge rate” – the percentage of people who, over the phone, said they would become a monthly donor– for the whole campaign (all 4 propositions combined) were high, but the pledge rate for proposition 1 was even higher.

The next step is to roll out proposition 1 as a full campaign with more testing.

This is how you effectively deploy lead generation Whitepaper lead generation

Learn from three real-life examples

Today, you watch a video on Facebook about animal suffering. Tomorrow, you’ll see an ad for an animal rights charity to sign a petition, download a brochure or take a quiz – something the organization can use to get your contact details. In this way, you have become a lead. The charity can contact you with a request, an offer or a service.

In this whitepaper, we will highlight a few real-life examples of online lead generation for you.

Download whitepaper

Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact James Herlihy if you would like to know more about this campaign or if you have questions concerning online opportunities for fundraising. You can contact him through james.herlihy@mindwize.nl or give him a call on: +31 23 56 77000.

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