Matching gift campaign for Mercy Ships Sweden, Norway and France

Double your donor’s gifts.

A matching gift enables a company or person to double the donor’s gift. An anonymous donor to Mercy Ships was willing to double every donation.

We produced a donor mailing for existing donors to Mercy Ships Sweden, Norway and France. The approach?

Your donation is worth twice as much.
You are helping twice as many children.


Mailpacks for France, Norway and Sweden:

Above average value of donations

More people gave, but the value of the average gift was particularly striking. The average for Sweden was as much as 50% higher than for other warm donor mailings.

Follow-up calls to donors

The mailings were followed up by several telemarketing campaigns.

We worked on this together with Swedish telemarketing agency Becksmo, Norwegian telemarketing agency Dialog and French telemarketing agency Qualicontact.

About Mercy Ships

Logo Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships makes surgical care accessible to the poorest of the poor. With the largest hospital ship in the world, through the efforts of professional volunteers, and thanks to the involvement of thousands of people.

Thanks to a successful partnership with Mercy Ships Sweden, we now also collaborate with Mercy Ships Norway and France. We have been working with both Norway and France for 3 years. And with Sweden for 5 years.

View the Mercy Ships Sweden website.
View the Mercy Ships Norway website.
View the Mercy Ships France website.

View the Mercy Ships Netherlands website.

This is how to deploy lead generation effectively!

Whitepaper lead generation

Learn from three successful practical examples

Today, you are watching a video about animal cruelty on Facebook. Tomorrow, you will see an advert for an animal rights charity asking you to sign a petition, download a brochure or take a quiz. These let the charity get your contact details. You are then a lead and the charity can contact you with a question, offer or service.

In this whitepaper, we will explain some practical examples of online lead generation for you.

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