Recruiting additional new donors for IM Sweden

Recruit new donors with potential for regular giving.

We provided the annual mailing to prospective donors for IM Sweden for the third time. With this mailing, they wanted to recruit new donors who might also start to donate structurally.

We aimed the prospect mailing at seniors, because people in this age group are loyal to charitable causes and donate repeatedly.

Thank-you mailing

We thanked the people who donated with a thank-you mailing.

Follow-up calls to donors

After a few weeks, we called people who had made a donation to ask them whether they would be willing to make a donation every month or quarter in line with their one-off gift.

We worked on this together with Swedish telemarketing agency Becksmo.

Results of the campaign

The annual prospect mailing was successful for the third consecutive year. Therefore we are proud to continue to run such successful campaigns for IM Sweden twice a year.

About IM Sweden
Extra nieuwe donateurs werven voor IM Zweden

IM Sweden is an independent members’ organisation that empowers people to liberate themelves from poverty and exclusion. They are fighting for an equitable and compassionate world. They work with local partners worldwide to that end.

This is how to deploy lead generation effectively!

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Learn from three successful practical examples

Today, you are watching a video about animal cruelty on Facebook. Tomorrow, you will see an advert for an animal rights charity asking you to sign a petition, download a brochure or take a quiz. These let the charity get your contact details. You are then a lead and the charity can contact you with a question, offer or service.

In this whitepaper, we will explain some practical examples of online lead generation for you.

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