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Mindwize is a full-service direct marketing agency, focused on private fundraising and working exclusively for NGOs.

Direct marketing, response and results are in our DNA. This is the reason why we love ❤️ direct mail so much. It is an excellent channel for testing and improving results. We understand you might be hesitant to collaborate with a foreign agency for your direct mail, but if you give us a chance, we can prove that we can beat your current results by taking advantage of our international experience! With this offer, you have nothing to lose. Only to gain!

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  • Mindwize will determine 3 winners.
  • Including concept development, copywriting & translation, artwork and account management (value €5,860 ex. VAT).
  • Excluding project management, traffic, data processing, production costs, postage and rented addresses.
  • Based on a mailpack with: envelope, combola, leaflet and 3 cards.
  • Included are two rounds of feedback on copywriting and artwork.
  • Mindwize takes care of the entire production and address selection (in mutual agreement) of the mailing.
  • Minimum volume: 20,000.
  • Minimum lead time from start date until drop date is 16 weeks.
  • Mindwize reserves the right to decide in which period the concept can be purchased.
  • The copyright of the creative concept remains with Mindwize.

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