As a fundraiser it is important to know everything about your donors:

  • What amounts they give
  • How often do your donors give
  • Since when they give

But most importantly, why do they do that? And why have they decided to support your foundation. This information is indispensable to strengthen the relationship with individual donors.

How do you find out what motivates your donors?

Whitepaper What Motivates Donors

Mindwize has developed an in-depth donor survey in close collaboration with associate professor of Philanthropy Pamela Wiepking. This was subsequently tested in practice as a pilot. Pamela Wiepking wrote a whitepaper about the research and the results of the pilot.

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We think that the relationship between donors and charities can be greatly improved with more insight into the motives for donating and by choosing a specific goal.

The current marketing trend is hyper-personalization: creating a personalized offer for every customer. Technical developments such as Big Data and new customer management software make it possible to approach each customer with a unique offer. The benefits are clear: more loyal and satisfied customers.

In this whitepaper, we describe a donor survey that can measure relevant donor motives and characteristics. With the results of this research, charitable organizations can switch to a highly personalized form of fundraising. It is our firm belief that fundraisers can build a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with any donor by focusing on the donor’s motivation to give to their organization. In addition, information about past donation behavior and donor characteristics enables fundraisers to better segment and target their donor base.

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Are you curious about how you can measure the motivation of your donors and what knowledge this yields?



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