Fundraising database

Your donor data is your most valuable asset

It may not be as sexy as a stylish campaign, but it is absolutely essential when it comes to fundraising with impact: the right data. Any professional fundraiser knows that the right offer in the right format is key to an effective campaign. But without the correct donor data you will still miss the target.

“It is better to send a bad campaign to the right target group+,

than a perfect campaign to the wrong target group.”

A good fundraising database meets the requirements of our wonderful, but precise profession.


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A good fundraising database…

… is accessible (and not just for your data expert)

… helps you get more donations

… helps you build better relationships and saves you time and money

… helps you plan and predict better

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Data is indispensable for effective fundraising campaigns. You need to be able to not only access and select data, but also interpret it correctly and analyse it thoroughly. Mindwize has a team of data specialists and data analysts on hand to help by making 25 years of fundraising knowledge and experience available to you through in-depth analyses, well-thought-out reports and predictions of what your data-driven campaign can deliver.

Download the brochure here for more information about the Mindwize CRM database for effective fundraisers.

Download the brochure 

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Please contact Corné van Etten or Jeanette Eesmann via +31 (0)23-567 7000.

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