20 valuable fundraising lessons

That will make you a better fundraiser!

– by Bas van Breemen, senior strategist fundraising

In this booklet you will find 20 important lessons Bas learned from his teachers. Apply them and they will make you a better fundraiser.

20 years of fundraising experience in 1 booklet

25 years ago, Bas van Breemen, our Senior Strategist, started working in direct response marketing. Of which 20 years in our beautiful – and important – profession of fundraising.

He still learns every day. From his mistakes, his successes, his colleagues and from fundraisers like you.

But especially from a lot of professionals. They have made him a better fundraiser.

Through 20 quotes from his masters, Bas teaches you what he has learned and successfully applied in those 20 years for more donations.


YES, I want those lessons
And become a better fundraiser!

Do you want to know more about these lessons?

Please contact Bas van Breemen or call +31 (0) 23 – 56 77 000.

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