Emergency mailing to prospects for the Child-Help Foundation

Incorporating current events results in a higher response (5.72%)

We developed a prospect mailing for the Child-Help Foundation (winter fundraiser 2023). We developed and produced this mailing alongside our first in-house mailing of the year. The significantly lower production costs make this approach particularly interesting for smaller foundations.

Donate a medical emergency relief package

In the prospect mailing, the Child-Help Foundation asks donors to donate €15 for a medical emergency relief package for children with disabilities in Ukraine.

The envelop contains a letter, a leaflet, an acceptance giro and seven cards.

Facebook lead generation campaign

Noodhulp-mailing aan prospects voor Stichting Child-Help

Concurrently, we ran a lead generation campaign on Facebook with several advertisements.

Incorporating current events pays off

A prospect mailing generally doesn’t revolve around emergency relief, but it was a strategic choice to do just that in this case. The subject is topical and the situation in Ukraine is covered extensively in the media.

The mailing was initially sent to 15,000 prospects.

We know from experience that calculated risks can pay off.

The results far exceeded expectations. An amazing response of 5.72% and an average donation value of €24.20 resulted in an ROI of 1.07.

Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine has not improved yet. The roll-out of this prospect mailing will therefore be mailed in January 2024.

About Child-Help and Mindwize

Child-Help and Mindwize have been working together to recruit donors since the launch of Child-Help Netherlands in 2014. The number of donors has since grown from 0 to 20,000 (by late 2020). Of this total, 2,000 donors donate via direct debit.
Mindwize regularly accompanies representatives of Child-Help on their project visits to gather the best stories for our clients. In Tanzania, our colleague Liselotte van der Zwet spoke to doctors, interviewed mothers of children with disabilities and took pictures of e.g. a brain surgery.

About Child-Help

Logo Child-Help

Stichting Child-Help provides aid to children with disabilities in developing countries, particularly children suffering from spina bifida and hydrocephalus. These children have a chance to live a full life, provided that they undergo surgery in a timely manner. After their surgery, Child-Help provides shelter to these children and their parents in Houses of Hope, where they receive aftercare and physical therapy. Child-Help also provides medical materials where necessary. Together with local partners, Child-Help is building a programme to assist these children and their families throughout their lives.

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