Donating Using a QR Code

Donating Using a QR Code

As part of a multichannel campaign for Amref Flying Doctors, we created a direct mail and reminder using a QR code. The campaign enabled Amref Flying Doctors to get attention and support for Maasai girls.

Target and Target Group of the Multichannel Campaign

The multichannel campaign targeted fundraising (direct mail), name recognition (TV), and lead generation (social media). The direct mail went to Amref Flying Doctor’s regular supporters. The other channels were used to reach women 35-50 years old.

Don’t Let Maasai Girls Down

The lives of girls and women have deteriorated as a result of lockdown. Now more than ever, they are confronted with domestic violence, child marriage, teenage pregnancies and female circumcision. Due to corona, around two in three girls and women run the risk of becoming victims of violence, including sexual violence. Amref Flying Doctors is fighting to stop this devastating violation of human rights.

Personal Online Donation Page Using QR Code

After scanning the QR code on the payment form in the house direct mail, the donor is automatically redirected to a personal donation page. We created this page in the campaign control center, a centralized system for setting up and monitoring fundraising campaigns. Here, we can also keep track of the results, such as:

  • number of donations
  • total donation amount
  • average donation
  • conversion

Scan the QR code:

Doneren via QR-code


Online donation page:

Contents of Direct Mail Package


The donor mailing consists of a 6 inch giro with QR code, a letter, a C5 envelope and a leaflet.

Contents of Direct Mail Package Reminder

The reminder consists of an 8 inch giro, a letter, a giro envelope and a leaflet.

About Amref Flying Doctors and Mindwize

We have been working with Amref Flying Doctors intensively since 2005 to grow their donor list using direct mail, telemarketing and online strategies – and successfully so. In over 15 years, Amref Flying Doctors has grown to over 110,000 donors.

Amref Flying Doctors

Logo Amref Flying Doctors

The girls pay the price

Due to corona, almost 2 in 3 girls and women are at risk of becoming a victim of (sexual) violence. Amref Flying Doctors fights to stop this devastating human rights violation!

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