Digital Advent Calendar for St. Joseph’s Indian School

A special thank you to donors and supporters

December is the month of giving. We created a digital advent calendar for St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. in Germany and France. That way, they could show donors and supporters what their donations and support mean to the children of St. Joseph’s Indian School.

A Little Thank You Each Day

You could open a window every day. Each window contained a video, photo collage, recipe, colouring page, or giveaway, for example. The objective was to thank donors and supporters and to involve them more, but a donation is always welcome. The calendar was on their own website to increase the likelihood of people going to the donation page.


We developed all the content for the calender, including a video with a Christmas message and three giveaways. We produced seven different Facebook ads and sent four emails to people in the email database to promote the calendar. We refer to supporters as people who are in the database, but do not donate.


In Germany, 4,203 people opened one or more windows and because we had posted the campaign on Facebook, it generated 115 new email addresses. In France, 1,174 people opened one or more windows.

About St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk and Mindwize Nalatenschapscampagne voor St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk - logo SJD CMYK

St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk and Mindwize have been working together for 20 years. In this time, the donor database has grown to 508,000 donors, of which 188,548 are active donors. The association raises funds for the St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota, USA.

Poverty and child abuse are serious problems in Native American reservations. The St. Joseph’s Indian School has helped children and families in need since 1927. Every year, more than 200 Lakota (Sioux) children receive education and accommodation – all at no cost to their families. The children learn to regain pride in their culture by learning the Lakota language, studying the Native American culture, and reconnecting with their families.

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