3 tips for writing a donor recruitment letter

Direct mail is still the most effective way to recruit donors. With a good letter you can ensure that new donors give to your organisation or that existing relations give again. There are three important things to consider when writing a successful recruitment letter.

1. Your target audience

Who are you writing to? Are aiming to recruit prospective donors or are you writing a letter to contacts who have previously donated to your organisation? The target group determines the key elements of your letter.

Key parts of letters to potential donors:

  • Who you are and what you do
  • What you want
  • Why should the prospect trust you?
  • Why your organisation is important
  • What you can mean to the potential donor
  • Why you are asking for action now

Key parts of a letter to existing donors:

  • What you did with the previous donation
  • Were you grateful for it?
  • What you want now
  • Prove that you are doing a good job
  • Explain who you are again
  • Why you are asking for action now

2. Be personal

Use the recipient’s name. Use personal pronouns like you and me. Use characteristics of your reader: “as a parent you also know …” or “as a resident of …” Use handwriting in your letter.

3. Content counts

Your letter is not a brochure. Think of your fundraising letter as a written conversation with your donor. The structure and content of your letter determine its success. Use the checklist below to check the content of your letter.

Checklist for a good promotional letter:

  • Is your opening sentence short and clear?
  • Is your letter personal? Use “you and me” as much as possible
  • Is the reason for your letter clear? “I am writing to you because …”
  • What is the promise you can make?
  • Is the letter urgent? Why are you writing now?
  • Ask, Ask, Ask. Use at least three moments in your letter to ask for a donation.
  • Is your (potential) donor at the heart of your letter? They are the hero of your story!

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