3 problems that seniors experience when donating online and how to solve them

Time and time again, global fundraising data show the same conclusion: fundraising is effectively marketing to seniors. It is therefore important to make sure your donation page is set up to accommodate seniors, especially as the popularity of donating online continues to grow.  What issues do seniors encounter when trying to make a donation online? How can you solve these issues?

1. “I can’t read the donation page”

One’s eyes generally start to deteriorate from the age of 45. It is therefore not surprising that many seniors struggle to read text on websites. The screen of their smartphone or tablet is not very large to begin with and many websites use a small font size to boot.

Things get even worse if a website has poor contrast. Many seniors struggle with this when trying to make a donation online.

How to solve this problem?

Make sure seniors can easily read your donation page.

  • You should therefore use a font size of at least 14 pt.
  • Also make sure there is plenty of white space surrounding the text and between the lines. This makes your text easier to read.
  • Use contrast between the text and the background, but be careful when using coloured text boxes set against a busy background image. Dark text set against a light background is easiest and most comfortable to read.

2. “Is this donation page reliable?”

Many seniors worry about the security of online transactions and sharing their personal data. When it comes to their online behaviour, they are hesitant and anxious.

A study among seniors showed that four out of ten seniors are afraid of being hacked. Furthermore, one in four is afraid of clicking on a malicious link.

This online anxiety makes seniors reluctant to enter their (payment) details online.

How to solve this problem?

You have to make sure your donation page feels reliable to your target group.

  • Show your certifications and hallmarks on your website.
  • Use pictures and quotes from real people on your website. This will make it easier for potential donors to trust you.
  • If a donor has a question, they want to know whom they can turn to. It is therefore advisable to list your telephone number prominently on your website. Ideally, you should also include a picture of the person answering the phone.

To further boost your website’s reliability, you can use social proof.  Show donors that others came before them. When donors see that others have put their trust in your website, they will be more likely to do the same.

3. “I don’t understand the internet”

These days, older donors usually have no choice but to use the internet if they want to make a donation. This can be a daunting step.

Many seniors are unfamiliar with modern technology. This can make navigating websites very difficult for them. Having to fill out an online form can also be seen as a major obstacle. Lastly, online payment processes are not always clear. They tend to include complex and time-consuming steps that discourage seniors from making a donation.

How to solve this problem?

  • It is important to use donation forms that require donors to enter as little personal information as possible. You should always ask yourself if you really need a specific bit of personal information to receive a donation. You can often acquire more information from donors at a later stage by calling them or sending them an email.
  • Help donors fill out your donation form by providing visual instructions. For example, you can divide your form into three steps and indicate what is expected of a donor at each step.
    • For step one, the donor has to specify what type of donation they want to make (amount and/or frequency).
    • For step two, they have to enter their personal information.
    • For step three, they have to select a payment method. For this step, it is important to offer donors the option of using a reliable online system.
  • When paying online, seniors value recognition and reliability. This feels familiar and lowers the threshold to making an online donation.

What can Mindwize do for you?

As this article illustrates, it is important to give enough thought to your donation page and make sure it is tailored to the needs of your donors. Make sure your content is readable, trustworthy and not too complex.

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