9 tips for a good story

Tips for a good story

Stories are the way to turn readers into donors. Research shows that our brains do not respond to numbers and statistics. Rather that we empathise with well-told stories and this motivates us to act. The good news: non-profits have the best stories in the world!

Here are some tips to help you tell your story even better.

1. Be specific

Talk about one project. Tell one story. And tell it well. The more specific you can be about what you need money for, the faster donors will be inspired to give. What difference will my 15 euros make to someone else’s life?

2. Use emotion

People give from emotion. Touch your donor, touch his or her heart by telling a moving story about real people. This does not work with emotionless and business-like texts, full of statistics and large numbers.

3. Involve the reader

Write about your donor. Write about how his or her donation helps real people. Help your donor solve a problem.

4. Write in the first person

Use ‘I’ and ‘my’ instead of ‘we’ and ‘our’.

5. The letter is all about your donor

Tip: count the number of times ‘you’ is used in the letter. Then count all the ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our organisation’ and ‘I’ in your letter. Is your donor the focal point of the letter?

6. Talk about people, not statistics

People give out of emotion. As soon as numbers or difficult terms come into play, the rational hemisphere goes to work. And the response decreases. “People give to people to help people.” (General fundraising wisdom)

7. Tell a story

People love stories. And the good news: as a fundraiser, you have the best stories to tell.

8. Ask questions

By asking questions you involve the reader in your story. “Did you know that every minute a child becomes seriously ill from malaria?”

9. Give the reader a good deal

People like a good deal, even when it comes to fundraising. Show that their 15 euros not only buys school supplies, but also a future, a new life.

Tips for more donations

We have compiled a book for all fundraisers in the Netherlands ’99 tips for more donations’. Practical tips that can be instantly put into practice.

Based on our more than 25 years of experience, we have written a practical guide for fundraisers. We explain clearly which techniques positively influence the response.

Over the years we have sent many direct mailings that we have learned a lot from. We have learned which techniques can increase the response to a larger and a smaller extent. We have packaged a number of these techniques for you in 99 tips – and 10 more! – for direct mail, email and landing page. Tips that you can apply immediately after reading. We hope that they will be useful in your daily work and help the response to your next fundraising campaign to be higher as a result.

99 tips for more donations

The book is a practical guide for any fundraiser. Download the book and apply the tips today!


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