Talk to your target audience on Facebook

Online interaction is a rich source of information. You can learn a lot about your target group. Yet many charities and fundraisers dread starting a dialogue. This common fear is mislaid. Most people enjoy talking. Facebook is the fastest way to connect. Our online marketers have drawn up a number of practical Facebook tips for charities.

6 tips for talking to your target audience:

1. Ask a question

It may seem obvious, but this simple rule is often forgotten. If you don’t ask a question, you deprive your fans of a chance to respond. A question invites an answer. It’s that simple. Make sure your question is accessible. Easy questions are answered sooner than complicated ones. Or choose multiple choice.

2. Ask for a like

In the Netherlands we are often rather reluctant to take a direct approach. This is strange, because research indicates that explicitly asking for a like results in up to 200% more interaction. It may seem a little intrusive, but if you don’t use this type of post too often, then you are guaranteed to get more likes and conversations.

3. Look for the differences

Solving a riddle or puzzle creates a positive feeling and therefore a positive association with your organisation. For example, show the difference you have made in a particular situation. A picture of the situation before you acted, and a picture of the situation after you provided help. And ask your fans to say what differences they see.

4. Give “Like” its own meaning


A click on the “Like” button is an important goal in Facebook marketing. By writing in your post: click on ”Like” if you also think…. that lions don’t belong in cages or click on ”Like” if you used to … enjoy playing outside with your friends, lowers the threshold for a reaction.

5. Complete the sentence

Start a sentence and ask your fans to complete it in their response. This ensures that your fans become more involved with your cause.

6. Tell a story

A well-told story triggers emotions and thus reactions. Tell us what you have been through. Always have a promising ending. An ending that touches people’s hearts and one they feel compelled to respond to.


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