Why people give?

Jos Stelling told newspaper Trouw about his 40-year relationship with his beloved. A relationship based on friendship – perhaps the highest possible form of love – according to the interviewee. But as Jos continued talking about love he also said something that is a lesson to all fundraisers:

“All other deeds that seem loving often have an ulterior motive. I recently took a couple of steps backwards to give a beggar two euros. That may sound generous, but it is not at all, helping that beggar makes me feel good. Pure self-interest.”

People mainly donate to make themselves feel good

This is what I want to make clear to my professional colleagues during my workshops and training courses on fundraising. I could not have expressed this universal rule in fundraising better than how Jos did.

“Pure self-interest”

Your job as a fundraiser

I outline to students in my workshops their role as fundraiser: make your donors feel good. But how do you do that? It is important that you follow the following formula:

Ask – thank – report

  • A good way of asking is by showing donors a problem that THEY can solve, not your organisation. Another life they can change for the better.
  • Thanking the donor is done QUICKLY and above all personally and warm-heartedly.
  • And by reporting back to them, you can show your donor the DIFFERENCE they have actually made in someone else’s life (again: not the difference your organisation has made, but the donor).

“Wow! Someone now has a better life thanks to me.”

Make your donor the hero of the story and make your donor feel good, which in turn makes them willing to give more.

A win-win situation

I always end my workshops with a slide showing a smiley. The text reads:

“You are in the business of selling happiness to your donors.”

Doesn’t this make your job sound so much nicer?

Fulfil this role and you will become a much better fundraiser.
Enjoy selling happiness.

PS I have a free Smiley badge for fundraisers who want to sell happiness to their donors. Just send me an email with your address details and I will be happy to send you a (free) smiley badge. Wear it with pride!

Read the (Dutch) article in Trouw here.

Bas van Breemen
Senior Strategist

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