When someone donates 15 dollars, that is truly a magical moment

I find lessons about fundraising in the most unexpected places.

Sometimes in a newspaper article, sometimes even in a song, or in this case in a book about Barack Obama: “To Obama, With love, joy, anger, and hope”.

I came across a letter to Obama in this book that beautifully highlighted just how special it is when someone decides to donate.

The letter starts like this:

There is already so much in these two sentences. People really want to do something good for others, even if it is at the expense of their own lives. Donating is more than just something for most people. It touches their soul.

The letter continues:

When someone donates 15 dollars

15 dollars. If you write it down in your letter, email, or landing page, it doesn’t seem like much. A small amount that everyone can spare?

But don’t forget that donating is a selfless act.

It’s different to buying a pizza or fresh vegetables, you don’t get anything tangible in return for a donation. And then every dollar is a choice between buying something for yourself and giving something to someone else.

When someone donates 15 dollars

Suppose you are walking down the street and a stranger comes and asks you for 15, 25 or maybe 50 dollars. The person then says: “Trust me, I’m going to do some good with it.”

Would you part with your 15 dollars?

Make your recipient feel good. Make your reader the hero. Show how she can help someone else, save an animal, make the world a better place, also with 15 dollars.

You owe it to your donor!

“15 dollars is not nothing nowadays and that should be considered for a moment.”

Bas van Breemen
Senior Strateeg

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