Donation opportunities via Facebook will come to an end: how can Facebook still be useful?

Discover a new way of fundraising through social media

Did your organisation previously raise money through ‘Facebook donations’? Then this is important news for you: from 1 July 2024, this tool will no longer be available. This means that your non-profit organisation will have to find alternative sources of income. This blog will help you utilise your fundraising through social media in a different way, now that the ‘Facebook donations’ option will be discontinued.

Meta has offered fundraising tools such as birthday donations for years. But Facebook will discontinue these donation features from 1 July 2024. You can expect pay-outs until 15 July at the latest. This change seems to result from new European legislation.

Fortunately, there are other ways to keep using Facebook and Instagram for your charity.

The future of Facebook

The end of ‘Facebook donations’ does not mean that the platform no longer wants to be involved in fundraising. At the moment Facebook does seem to be looking at alternatives, such as more options for a donation button or making links more attractive. This means a good landing page is of vital importance. Invest in it now to ensure you are prepared for future opportunities.

Are you ready to explore these new possibilities and take your fundraising through social media to the next level, like we did for Destiny Rescue? Contact Mindwize today, and together we will make sure your charity will continue to grow.

Contact Mindwize today, and together we will make sure your charity will continue to grow.

Use Facebook to generate leads

Facebook and Instagram are perfect for lead generation. The main goal? Engage people with your charity and turn them into loyal donors. Would you like to distribute a newsletter or an interesting white paper, or want to collect signatures for your petition? Why not use it to generate leads? By using Facebook forms, or your own landing pages, you will collect contact details, which you can then use to convert leads into donors.

Do you consider using a LeadGen campaign for your charity, but do not know where to start?

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Campaign Control Centre: more than just another donation page

Campaign Control Center allows you to create landing pages that match your campaign goals. Whether you want to share a brochure, collect signatures, or focus directly on donations, everything is possible with this fundraising platform. Campaign Control Centre can even be linked to a personal QR code, which can also come in handy for your direct mail campaigns. Mindwize can help you achieve this.

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A solid foundation

The end of ‘Facebook donations’ offers new opportunities to renew and strengthen your social media fundraising strategy. Focus on lead generation and platforms like Campaign Control. This will lay a solid foundation for the future of your non-profit organisation.

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