How can you continue to recruit donors successfully in this crisis?

Now is the time to invest in digital campaigns
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Are you worried about fundraising in the immediate future?

Then you are not alone.

We hear many stories from your colleagues telling us that their tried and trusted recruitment channels have been hit hard in this crisis. Face-to-face programmes have come to an abrupt end. Door-to-door programmes have been forced to stop. Direct mail recruitment campaigns have been postponed. For how long? Nobody knows. It is clear that it will be for some time.

But as every successful fundraiser knows, stopping with the recruiting of (monthly) donors not only affects your direct income, but also has a lasting impact on your future income. Continuing to recruit is vital. But how?

The solution lies in online and telemarketing – and in particular a smart combination of the two.

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More people are online now. They spend a lot of time reading and browse-clicking.

And since almost everyone is at home, telephone contact has never been better.

This 2-step approach is currently an effective way for many of our customers to keep recruiting regular donors during this crisis.

Now is the time to invest in digital campaigns.

If you are concerned about your recruitment, then please contact us. We are happy to help you find the best options for your organisation – because there are always options.

Thanks for all the good work you are doing. Keep it up and take care of yourself.

This is how you effectively deploy lead generationWhitepaper lead generation

Learn from three successful real-life examples

Today, you watch a video on Facebook about animal suffering. Tomorrow, you’ll see an ad for an animal rights charity to sign a petition, download a brochure or take a quiz – something the organization can use to get your contact details. In this way, you have become a lead. The charity can contact you with a request, an offer or a service.

In this whitepaper, we will highlight a few real-life examples of online lead generation for you.

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