How are donors responding during this crisis?


How are donors responding during this crisis?

This is what the results tell us.

We have already been in the grip of the corona crisis for over a month. A good opportunity to look at how donors have responded since the government’s initial measures. What is the impact on gifting behaviour?

 There are many opinions and a great deal of gut feeling. At Mindwize, we believe everything starts with data. And below, you can read what the data tells us. We looked at the recent results of our clients’ campaigns in respect of direct mail, telemarketing and online.

 Our conclusion: donors are still giving, via all channels.

Our advice: stick to your strategy and keep communicating with your supporters.

Direct mail to existing donors – giving behaviour remains on track

We looked at the campaigns of our clients in the Netherlands until mid-April. That amounts to over 550,000 mailings. If we look at all our clients’ direct mail campaigns together, we see that gifting behaviour is on track compared to last year and is following the same pattern.

The response to newsletters is even a little higher than last year. That indicates that donors would like more information at this time and want to do something to help on the basis of this information.

(gifting behaviour in relation to mailings)                                (gifting behaviour in relation to newsletters)

Conclusion: existing donors are still giving, so keep asking.

Now is the time to ask your donors for support.
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The mood on the telephone – the best week ever

Our colleague Tim Bos from Socialcall shares the following regarding telephone campaigns that are  currently running:

“Last week was the best week ever at Socialcall.

We are calling in relation to everything at the moment: Upgrades, Reactivation, Cancellation, following up on leads.
In fact, all the campaigns we ‘normally’ run for our clients.

We have instructed all callers to do a little extra in solidarity. That little extra involves attention, a listening ear, and a great deal of empathy. ‘Making the world a little better.’ That is what they do!

And that has led to warm conversations and big donations thus far.”

 Conclusion: your supporters have a need for contact. Call them and lend a listening ear. The results will follow.

Now is the time to listen to your donors.
Do you also want positive conversations and big donations? Then contact Tim Bos at Socialcall.

Online – higher rates

We see that there are more people online now. There are more visits to our clients’ websites. The opening and click-through rates are better. One client even saw double the number of donations in the past two weeks.

Lead generation campaigns with follow-up via telephone are currently an effective way for many of our clients to keep recruiting regular donors during this crisis.

 Conclusion: go where your donors are. And they are spending a great deal of time online now.

Now is the time to invest in digital campaigns.

Do you also want to keep recruiting regular donors during this crisis? Then contact James Herlihy – our Digital Strategy Director

This round-up shows that gifting behaviour is still robust.
And that donors are still supporting the mission of our organisations in times of crisis. People want to help where there is a need.

 Our advice: stick to your fundraising strategy. Share information. Explain the need and how donors can help. Run an extra campaign. Call your best donors and expand your online presence.

Good luck and stay healthy.

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