What makes crowdfunding so hip?

Many charities struggle to finance a project or activity. Crowdfunding can be the perfect solution.

As a charity, you can raise capital by promoting a project on a website along with the sum of money needed. Everyone can then invest in the project via the website. The idea is that lots of private individuals make small contributions and when these are all put together this will be enough to fully finance the project.

Charities can use public donations to fund projects. Especially in these times, when donors are increasingly giving ad hoc but also want to know exactly what their money is used for.

Is crowdfunding also suitable for my charity?

Crowdfunding only works for very specific projects. There also needs to be a clear urgency. The project objective, deadline and target sum must all be achievable. It is highly motivating when you see that a goal can really be achieved. It is also important that you get the project off to a flying start by motivating your existing supporters (on and offline).

Crowdfunding is hard work!

Crowdfunding means communicating. Before, during and after the campaign, you need to communicate continuously in order to reach, convince and encourage potential donors to act. Respond to questions and comments from your target audience. People don’t only give because they believe in the project, but also because they sympathise with the people behind the project.

Make sure you can describe the project in a brief and to the point way, what the solution entails and let those directly involved explain why it is so urgent. Make a specific appeal for contributions and thank donors in advance for their contributions.

Make sure your story is shareable. By keeping the message powerful and simple, you ensure that it can be passed on easily. An online video is the most suitable means for this. Make sure you regularly share updates on the project on social media or through direct mail.

Use an existing platform

The advantage of using an existing crowdfunding platform is that you can promote a project quickly and all functionalities that such a platform offers are instantly available to you. The most relevant crowdfunding platforms for fundraisers are:






Crowdfunding is a very motivating way of fundraising for both small-scale initiatives and large charities. Crowdfunding not only lets you raise money, but also create awareness of – and sympathy for – your organisation and you can build solid relationships with your supporters.

With the right approach, crowdfunding is an effective and fun way to raise funds and attract a (new) target group!

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