ThirdSector Fundraising Conference

ThirdSector exists to support charities and they know the pressures which these extraordinary times are placing on organisations like yours. They also know that at the heart of effective and engaging fundraising is a deep and genuine connection with your audience. By growing and strengthening your community of donors, trustees and staff, you boost your revenue streams and your impact on the wider world through your charity mission. 

With the ongoing rise of digital technology and the shift in audience expectations and demands, it has never been more important to reinforce the relationship you have with your supporters, both online and offline. To respond to the pressing demand for transformation and change, fundraisers and charity leaders must adopt innovative and creative approaches to fundraising campaigns.

Join at ThirdSector’s Fundraising Conference to expand your network and strengthen your fundraising community. The conference is overflowing with inspiration, innovation, and practical solutions to your fundraising challenges right now. From cause-led and supporter-first campaigns to diversified revenue models and digital fundraising, it’s time to step up and work together to build a bright future for the fundraising community.


About ThirdSector

ThirdSector is the UK’s leading publication for everyone who needs to know what’s going on in the charity and and voluntary sector.

ThirdSector also runs a range of conferences and events, including the Fundraising Conference and ThirdSector Tech Summit, which gives charity staff the opportunity to meet with peers, attend seminars and key note sessions by expert and practitioners and meet with selected suppliers.


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