Fundraising Online

20 & 21 April 2022

Elevate your digital fundraising

A unique and groundbreaking virtual conference that will inspire, inform and stimulate your work. IFC Online 2022 will be a laboratory of knowledge sharing, learning and great ideas. Plan your own path through the busy schedule and choose the topics that interest you most. You can attend sessions live and watch on demand so you never miss a thing.

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Mindwize is hosting a session on how to grow your online community for donor conversion and more:

Grow your online community for donor conversion and more

How to build your community and nail all your objectives with meaningful online engagement (which is more than “lead generation”!).

Supporters nowadays want different relationships with their causes. They want varied, richer ways to participate – and they are rewarding the organisations that provide them that.

This session examines how non-profits are harnessing meaningful online engagement to deliver on all their objectives – and busting silos in the process. Multi-step, multi-channel campaigns are delivering on policy objectives, building email lists and social fanbases, amplifying key messages and reaching millions while also delivering steady streams of committed donors.

While meaningful online engagement employs tactics of “lead generation”, the people who align with your cause in this way are way more than “leads”.

In this practical session, we will:

  • Explore a range of lead generation territories and types through real example campaigns (there are options for every organisation!)
  • Explore creative tactics that work to get people engaged and responding
  • Show you how to ideate and structure test campaigns to gather useful data and optimise your campaigns.

This session will be based on the host’s 15 years experience creating and running campaigns for scores of organisations, from the Soi Dog Foundation to Amnesty International. These campaigns have engaged millions of people and acquiring hundreds of thousands of donors.



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