Chapel & York International Roundtables

A Video Book Club for Fundraisers!

From March until October 2021

Hosted by the Chapel & York Foundations around the world and based on the videos from the hugely successful IFAB Online event in November, the Chapel & York International Roundtables are like a video book club for fundraisers – watch the video, then come together in a discussion group with other fundraisers and your peers from around the world to discuss the issues raised and share your knowledge and experiences.

 Each session will be guided by a sector expert, including the speakers from IFAB Online. It is a chance for you to interact with the speaker and other professionals in real time to share information and successes.

✔ 28 sessions to choose from
✔ Held over a 7-month period (March – July & September – October)
✔ Taking place in 4 time zones
✔ Across 4 regions – Asia, Europe (including the UK), North America, and Africa
✔ The Europe sessions will have versions in both English and French.

Attend just one session, or a variety based on your needs, interests, and availability.


Digital Donor Acquisition

Do you want to know more about Global Digital Donor Acquisition? Our colleague James Herlihy, our Digital Director, is available during the following roundtables:

  • For Asian Organisations – Thursday, 9th September @ 1pm Hong Kong time on (5am GMT)
  • For North American Organisations – Thursday, 23 September @ 1pm New York time (6pm GMT)
  • For African Organisations – Thursday, 24th September @ 1pm Cape Town time (11am GMT)
  • For European Organisations – Thursday, 16th September @ 12-noon Amsterdam time (11am GMT) (in French)  and Thursday, 16th September @ 1pm Amsterdam time (12pm GMT) (in English)

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Listen, learn, share – take your fundraising success to the next level.

Join other fundraisers around the world to discuss the aspects of international fundraising which matter most to you and your organisation.

The roundtables, hosted by the Family of Foundations, are like a video book club for fundraisers – watch the videos then come discuss the issues raised in them with your international peers.

The 2021 roundtable schedule includes 28 sessions to choose from over a 7-month period (March – July, September – October).

Each month will be assigned a topic, and will include sessions taking place in 3 time zones across 4 regions – Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

Attend just one session, or a variety based on your needs, interests and availability.

The Chapel & York roundtables will use videos created by speakers from the International Fundraising Across Borders (IFAB) event, and will be run on Chapel & York’s dedicated networking platform C&Y Connect.


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