Fundraising in The Netherlands

Fundraising in the Netherlands

Loyal donors don’t grow on trees! Your donors should love you a little. And you them. That is the goal of every fundraising campaign we create for our customers.

How do you build valuable relationships with your donors?

With more than 25 years of experience, we know what works to achieve the best results, so that your organisation can count on valuable donors. We know how to make donors feel appreciated and involved and how to encourage them to donate, whether this is online, through direct mail, telephone, door-to-door – or a combination of these. And also whether this concerns donor recruitment or a legacy campaign.

We do this by using fundraising techniques that we know work. We can refine and enrich these through testing and measuring. We believe in quantifiable results.

Getting valuable donors involved

We help our customers:

  • reach more and better donors, because we do what works and improve everything that can be done better
  • build valuable relationships with donors using proven successful fundraising techniques
  • make more impact with fundraising campaigns where we combine data and creativity

Appealing campaigns and detailed data-analyses

All our experts work closely together. Our strategists, (online) marketing specialists, creatives and database managers are also fundraising experts. Combined, we know everything about:

  • effective direct mailing
  • successful online fundraising
  • appealing campaigns
  • customer-friendly call scripts
  • smooth data-processes
  • detailed analyses
  • and much more besides

This ensures you have loyal donors and that you can make even more impact as a charity.

How can we help your organisation?

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