Fundraising in France

Fundraising in France

We provide the following services for our customers who want to recruit donors in France:

  • direct mail campaigns, working with local players that lease us addresses
  • telephone recruitment (telemarketing campaigns), working together with local call centres
  • online lead-generation
  • or a combination of these

Find loyal donors in France

Raising funds for charities through effective direct mailing has been Mindwize’s specialty for more than 25 years. We’ll help you find loyal donors in France by:

  • Doing what works to achieve the best results, so that your organisation can count on valuable donors. And we will improve all that can be improved.
  • Finding more and better donors for your charity. Including careful selections for different segments in your fundraising campaigns.
  • Using proven successful fundraising techniques so you can build valuable relationships with your donors.

Recruiting for foundations in France

We work for foundations in France, such as Mercy Ships France, Amref Flying Doctors France and St. Joseph du Dakota.

Reach out to French donors

We can expand the donor base of all foundations to include France.

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