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The importance of online community growth to the fundraiser has never been higher. Since COVID, our donor prospect audiences have moved much of their lives online – and are ready to engage there with compelling, relevant experiences that match their values.

Digital lead generation is the key to both that compelling experience our audiences crave and the community growth that non-profits need to increase fundraising.

But while some non-profits have built diverse lead gen programs to deliver sustained community growth and donor conversion, others are yet to explore the full range of creative potential. Organisations in this latter group can feel stuck with limited creative options, or sometimes make (false!) assumptions like “we can’t do petitions, so we can’t do lead gen”.

In this webinar, we will bust these limiting beliefs by exploring a range of creative territories and uncovering lead gen opportunities for all non-profits – from “positive petitions” to polls, hand-raisers to surveys, value exchanges to send a message actions and more. We’ll review important factors for success in your lead generation proposition and important tips for maximising follow-up donor conversion.

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About the session

The session will be presented by James Herlihy, Senior Digital Consultant at Mindwize, and Bethan Francis, Managing Director at Stratcom UK. James and Bethan look forward to sharing their many years combined experience with digital lead generation, regular giving programs and 2 step campaigns with phone conversion for non-profit organisations in the UK and around the world.

Date: 28 April 2022

Time: 3 PM (GMT)

This webinar will be held in English.

This webinar will be held on Zoom. You will receive the Zoomlink via e-mail.
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