Fundraising in Germany

Fundraising in Germany

For our customers who want to recruit donors in Germany, we provide digital fundraising, telephone recruitment and direct mail services.

Donor-journey and donor-experience

We know that it is a major – very major – advantage when all the different fundraising expertise is together under one roof. This ensures, for example, that your lead generation campaign, direct mail campaign and the call script that we develop for you all match and reinforce each other. And that the indispensable data processes run smoothly. As a result, donor journeys and experiences are a perfect match.

Recruiting for foundations in Germany

We work for foundations in Germany, such as St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk.

Reach out to German donors

We can expand the donor base for all foundations to include Germany. For example we have already done this for Stichting Parkinsonfonds (Parkinson’s Fund Foundation). Now the foundation can fund more research thanks to the help of its German donors.

Our team in Germany

We have a team of 15 staff in Germany. A small but enthusiastic team just as skilled as our team in the Netherlands, partly because we work so closely together. We make full use of each other’s knowledge, about fundraising and about what works in Germany. Above all, we aim for a qualitative collaboration with your foundation. We consider a good relationship with you just as important as your relationship with your donors.

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