Donor care

Full-service database management for optimal relationship management. Fundraising has many facets: data entry, donor care, data management, storage, reporting, deduplication, selections … In order to optimally service donors and build lasting relationships, you as a non-profit must have your database in order – and everything that goes with it.

‘We know what works’

Data is important and its importance continues to increase. High-quality data ensures better results. You know which data you need. The trick is to keep it and make it accessible in your database so that the entire organisation benefits. Data works best when entered and recorded by everyone in the same way. This lets you create accurate customer profiles, which in turn increases the quality of your marketing and communication activities. Mindwize can take care of the entire process of customer relations and campaign management. By doing so we unburden the fund raisers of non-profits. With real success.

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